First things first: unfortunately, at this time I can't pay you. Although my site has a few google ads, it has, to date, generated around one penny--and that is not hyperbole.

If you're still around after those sentences, let me tell you what I'm looking for: I'm interested in finding writers to help me generate content. I need straight news copy or opinion pieces--I'm especially interested in satire, polemics, philosophy. Politically, you can be left, right, or middle. I'm not in search of like-minded individuals; I'm interested in all viewpoints, though mine tend to lean left.

I'm also working to acquire review copies for books and DVDs from publishing houses and studios and I may be able to get one to you every now and then to review for the site. You will receive full credit for your writings published on the site. If, at some point, the site generates ad revenue, I plan on paying writers with it. But that's in the--hopefully not-too-distant--future.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

If you're interested contact me and toss some links or writing samples my way. I'd love to read it.

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I realized I didn't post a link: I understand no one has any incentive to write for my site, but I am working on getting it out there, hoping to create exposure for the site. In a little over two months, it has generated 3,000 hits. It's not much, but it's a start, and I'm working to expand it.


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