I wrote this back in February. It is a piece about those of us who work in the shadows, behind the scenes, and how we have a tendency to be marginalized by those who seek out the spotlight. I'm currently working on a couple books, and will post more details when I can


Do not fear the shadows of night. Not all who operate under the light of the moon seek to do you harm. Some work to undo the evils brought on by those who walk in the light. Others do the jobs that, while you want them done, you don’t want to know about the details. It is within the shadows and moonlit skies that exists a gray area of night stalkers and shadow creatures.

We are the creatures that make your existence possible. We toil in the night, keeping the fires of progress burning while you live in an illusion, pressing your “morality” on others, verbally punishing us while utilizing our services. You seek to cut us down, to make us your whipping boy. You openly call us worthless, call us trash, treat us like sub-humans, yet without our backs to step on, you wouldn’t be where you are today.

We are the ones that go bump in the night. The ones you think you know, but cannot comprehend. You keep pushing us down and wonder about our strength when we get back up. You attempt to dull our minds, and then wonder about our ingenuity. You try to break our spirit, yet you wonder why we have not lost the will to fight.

We push forward, operating in the areas you fear to tread. We go where you won’t. You fear the shadows, we revel in them. They are our strength. The night is our realm. If you seek to understand it, you should simply give up, as you never will. You've kicked us out of your world. We exile you out of ours.

We are the shadow creatures. We are the night stalkers. We are the denizens of night


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This was great. I appreciate it because it is so true. This was inspirational thank you
You're welcome. Comments like yours give me the inspiration to continue to write. :)


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