Hi, all. Just joined here, and I'm interested in seeing more activity. My favorite part of mathematics is number theory, especially algebraic number theory. This is a fairly advanced topic, and I don't know what background folks have. But if there's anyone who's also interested in this, I've been writing a series of articles on my blog that provide an introduction to the topic. You can find a list of articles here: http://scienceandreason.blogspot.com/2007/10/algebraic-number-theor...

If anyone's interested, I'd suggest to start by skimming some of the early articles until you reach something that's new to you. And if you're still interested at that point...

I'm interested in other branches of math too. This doesn't really have much to do with atheism, but I'm not sure that matters. There are enough other places here to discuss that.

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Thanks, this is really great stuff. Amazingly just what I needed. This will keep me busy for some time.

Ditto. I've become more than a bit rusty over the last 25 years, mathematically speaking, and this blog is just what I needed.

Just a quick question: what level of mathematics did you all took during high school, (if you arn't from America, by high school i mean ages 14-18 ie just before university) because i have been asking my parents what type of mathematics they took, and seeing as they stopped at trigonometry in high school, and im on a course to take multivariable calculus for my fourth year, it is apparent that there has been quite a leap forward in mathematics in school, and it would be interesting to see what range of math you took.


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