I got this in my email today. I thought it was pretty fun to figure out, but I am not sure about the IQ claim. Enjoy

Math Problem

  Here's a little teaser. They say only people with an IQ 120 and over
are able to figure this out.

  Please look at the math below:



          2 + 3 = 10

          7 + 2 = 63

          6 + 5 = 66

          8 + 4 = 96


          9 + 7 = ????  

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144. But I resorted to a calculator to do 16 x 9, so I'm sure that knocks my IQ well below 120. But it was a fun teaser. :) Do you ever do the Brain Games on mentalfloss.com? There is a new one every day, and sometimes there are math pattern puzzles like this. (Today's puzzle just happens to be a math square; they seem to be common lately.)
I haven't been to that site before, but now that I know of it there is one more site to waste my time in. Thanks a lot!

No really, thanks, its a cool site.
I have definitely wasted plenty of time on mentalfloss.com, enjoy! :D Be prepared for oodles and oodles of largely useles--yet nonetheless fascinating--trivia. But there are some really informative articles, too.
Fun to figure out!

I wonder where the IQ claim comes from since the problem is largely a case of guess and check.
Interestingly enough there are at most 15 degree 2 polynomials that give the same results. Anyone setting this question would need to see which of the 15 exist, and verify that their intended answer is indeed the simplest one. Or maybe there's a nicer looking higher order polynomial hmm...
144 there's a pattern here. ;)
It's 144. Come on now, I figured this out in like 3 minutes flat (without a calculator). Really though, I love problems like this, they're a lot of fun. Have a great day, and stay rational!

It's easy once you notice the pattern. My I.Q must be above 120


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