There is really only one day a year when you can pull all the stops. That's too bad. When I was single and went to a dating site, it seemed that half the women would have at least one Halloween costume photo. It was usually their best pic.

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Hmmm,  Maybe I do  have a thing for nasty nuns. Goes all the way back to 3rd grade. Some sort of latent chink in my anti-religious armor


In the above case, I wouldn't mind getting into the habit --

I did confess "nun lust" one Saturday morning to Fr. O'Malley. She was about 20 years old, I think and her name was Sister Mary and my penance of ten 'Hail Mary's with all that fruit and womb talk still seems just wrong to me. 

Know why they are called nuns??......nun today, nun tomorrow……!!

I also have that. As a child, a nun by the name of Sister Giuseppe (who was my teacher) would liberally pull hair and spank as punishment (frightfully violent people, nuns). To this day I often find myself wanting to engage in quasi-sadism of a most blasphemous nature.

Google "aubrey addams, priest." It is a riveting study of this most peculiar of eccentricities.

I am so busted. Yeah Belle, could this be a new TA Halloween tradition ?!

I have to wonder how sexy Halloween has affected birth rates. I dread the day my children ask me how they were made and I have to say "Well, I got completely drunk at this Halloween party and your mother was wearing this barely-there bumblebee costume..."

This might not count as sexy, but it definitely is a costume and I will be wearing it this Halloween.  I'm with some other folks in alternate interpretations at a local geek convention.  The dude on the right is me.

How Halloween-ey are these?  I think they're sexy, and I love 'em. 

don't fear the reaper

Lucky you! I'll bet it only hurts when you laugh.


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