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I'm writing this from the bay area, California. For a lot of us, Halloween is 'the' holiday of all holidays.
Some people love the smell of evergreen and peppermint. Some look forward to chocolate Santa's and stuffed stockings all year long.
Others really dig Easter. I don't get that. Associating fluffy bunnies with the death of a deity and a liberal sprinkling of ancient fertility rites just doesn't do it for me.
But Halloween......oh how I love you.
Now, usually we start planning our costumes about a year in advance. We also book hotel rooms down by Market & Castro so we are close to the fun and don't have to worry about getting transportation home at the end of the evening.
Serious thought and planning goes into Halloween every year I'm in the U.S.
Hell, one year I flew from S.E. Asia where I was living at the time, just so I could properly participate in festivities.

So it is with utmost trust that I ask your opinions, dear TA community.
What are you going as? What are your plans?

What should I go as?
Mind you, even thought I have a rockin' figure, I do NOT use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a slut and tramp around in public. (Though believe me, I don't mind the ladies who do. I think it is most brave of you to face the cold weather for our visual pleasure. Thank you! Kudos! Don't ever stop!) But for me, it's all about the creativity and the impressiveness of the over all costume. I can show my tits any day. But on THIS day, I want to really wow people.
So give me ideas, folks! What would you like to see?
A little disclaimer, though. Even fake weapons aren't allowed in the bar district. I try to keep props to a minimum.
Also, I'm really good at make up effects, so don't worry that the technical process is too difficult or uncomfortable for me, however I can't wear contacts, so we'll have to work around that.
Right now, I'm looking at this
or this

Whatcha think?

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OMG... I'm so glad you're back, JM!
I've missed you so much. Squee! Welcome home!

Ok. On to business.

I like to keep changing up my costumes. I've got as Darth Vader, a snail, a zombie tranny.....
All of them have required some level technical skill with either make up or structure.
The only requirements I have are that they have to be creative and cheap to make!

Thanks.. I'll look through these a few more times to get inspired!
I'm really feeling the 'living comic book character' link up there.
I just need a good start.
Which old time comic book character do I look the most like?

Just cause I loved Betty Boop cartoons when I was a kid, and she is awfully cute and sexy too. You'd look great as her, but need a short black wig of course.
Super ATHEIST Woman!

Put a Big Gold "A" on this costume and can go as SUPER ATHEIST.
OH, I so wish I had that type of magic wand!!! What fun that would be. Love it. Misty where are you? We need your input here....

More skin covered and warmer to wear on Halloween....
Those 'dots' painted on the face of Misty's link reminded me of Lictenstein's paintings, where he super enlarged comic strips, and painted in the dots that those old style comics used to color in the images. Cool idea.

Must admit that you are a 'Warrior' type....
Problem is that most all the female super hero and comic book characters wear really skimpy outfits. Only way to get around it is to be some other type character where they get to wear warmer stuff, OR... get a flesh colored body suit to wear under these skimpy outfits???? From a distance it looks fine like it's your skin, but close up, not too great.
Me too???? She never checked back did she? Busy, busy lady.
I had to cancel Halloween. :(
Personal issues going on.
We aren't going to be celebrating this year.


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