Just taking a minute to share boast that we got our tree yesterday.  For years, we've been using an artificial tree.  But now that we're living on 25 acres in rural Maine, himself (hubby) insisted on cutting down a tree.  So we trudged out into the new-fallen snow and found an excellent white pine in a clearing, looking like it was waiting for us.

Himself sawed it down, slung it over his shoulder, and dragged it back to the house.  We stuck it in a plant pot to keep it upright, and ran a small guy-wire around its trunk.  We have plenty leftover boughs, too, which will probably become garlands on the front porch.

Today I'm getting more lights, and once they're on, the rest of the ornaments will go on.

This is our first (formerly) live Christmas tree since we've been together (nine years) and my first pine used as one ever.  I should get a picture.

In fact, why not make this a thread to show off pictures of our Christmas trees?

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Ours is just about 6.5 feet tall, or just tall enough to not bend under the low ceiling. Got the remaining lights today (woo hoo!) so I should have a photo before too long.

I apologize for having been remiss.  I haven't got a photo yet but let me say it is a quite lovely tree (to hold you over until I do get a picture).  I even took some leftover pruned boughs and made a wreath which is now on our front door.

My tree is up and fully decorated! Job completed today -whew. I'm sad to say it's artificial, but it's easier to manage since I don't have a 'man' around to help me drag it in the house and get it arranged and balanced in one of those horrible tree stands....

I promise to post a picture soon. I never had a tree growing up in a jewish family, but ever since my daughter was born 19 years ago, I've put up a solstice tree every year. For a 'convert' my tree is truly beautiful, rarely have I seen one as pretty....

I had real trees growing up, until one year they became too much work and so we got this really fancy fake tree. But of course putting on all the branches was a lot of work too, and there would always be yelling and crying involved, every year, without a doubt... my stupid mother's fault of course. Then in April of 2007 when I was 17 and my brother was 15 we moved out of my mother's house and in with my grandmother (mom's mother) for the rest of the school year, but our dad had gotten temporary custody... anyway me, my dad, my brother & I spent Christmas at my grandmother's with her tree and going to church with her that year. Which was nice because my mom wasn't involved - no tears. And we always would go over to my grandmother's house every year anyway, usually it was just later in the day after we'd opened our presents at home and gone to church with my mom (or without my mom, sometimes she wanted to sleep but I still wanted to go and I dragged my non-religious agnostic and formerly Jewish father to come with me & my brother). But yeah it wasn't too much different. My grandmother's fake tree has always been pretty cheap and less pretty than my preference would have it though. It's partially all the ornaments from the 60s that give it that feel though lmao.


Then Christmas of 2008 we went skiing in Colorado with my dad's Jewish sister, her husband and her son (my aunt, uncle, and cousin) so we didn't have a tree but we pretended one of the bushes in our log cabin hotel would count and exchanged a few gifts around that.


Then in 2009 (last year) we were here at home in my dad's house where we all live now permanently. Still no tree, we exchanged gifts without one (we actually found a picture of a tree on a Trader Joe's grocery bag and ripped the bag and made it lay flat on our coffee table in our living room and exchanged gifts on top of it. Lol.


But this year I finally convinced my dad to get us a tree. ;) We bought this fake white tree yesterday as well as bought all the ornaments and the Santa hat for the top and the blue garland lol. All from Target except the hat & ornament hooks we found at CVS. But I'm really happy we have a tree. And I've always dreamed of having a beautiful fake white tree. ;)



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