During Thanksgiving weekend I was in the car with my Grandma, Mom, and Sister. We were talking about the whole North Korea/ South Korea war games thing. I said only half seriously something to the effect of "Man, if the aggressive, territorial behavior of humanity isn't evidence we're related to apes, I don't know what is." My sister quipped back "Maybe your ancestors were apes, but mine weren't."


...Yeah... I know...


So in thinking about what to get her for Christmyth, I thought I'd get her a pseudo gag gift: a book about Evolution (in addition to something else she'd actually enjoy). I doubt she'll read it, but maybe curiosity will get the best of her.


Any suggestions for a high school level book explaining evolution?

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Hah, that's a good one!


Yeah, she obviously didn't think through it that well. Honestly, I think she was just parroting something she heard from one of her Christian friends.


But obviously she doesn't think through too many things. She just got back from a Christian boarding school where some of the teachers claimed that Joel Osteen is the Anti-Christ.

The River that Runs Uphill.

Survival of the Sickest -- Dr. Moalem

Its not really about about ape ancestors; its a wide range but it is interesting and covers a lot of scientific things.


PLus it is secular.

I dont suggest giving anything biased.

The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins

I was just about to suggest this one as well. It is quite an excellent book, and an easy read as well.

The Greatest Show on Earth is a must for everyone. See also The Third Chimpanzee.


I've taken a look at "The Greatest Show on Earth" and would have bought it, except that it says "Author of The God Delusion" on the cover... which would put her (and my mother) off it immediately...


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