Saudi women are still brainwashed by Salfi ideology..

Even those so called Saudi women rights activists are brainwashed by Salfi ideology..
Well, here's a real story....
I'm running a feminist movement on facebook..
I named it Inanna Ishtar.. So, I began inviting some Saudis who care about Saudi women's rights..I thought that they are real feminists! I've seen them calling: " Rebel,, raise your voice.. blah blah blah ,,,

I thought that they're serious.. :P
Anyway,, One of the Saudi women said to me: Listen, you polytheist:
We don't worship Inanna Ishtar,, We are muslims,, we are Saudis,, Do you understand what does Saudi mean? All Saudis worship Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala! blah blah blah.. *facepalm*

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at least she didn't say that Islam means submission to Allah and his misogynous laws :P


Do you guys do anything in groups for this women's rights movement? Like, have you had any meet ups?

I love how they miss the bigger picture. It's so sad.

On a side note, I believe many of the Saudi women are unknowingly in support of stripping themselves of their own rights. 

We establish events to discuss topics with a feminist guest or a writer from the "الحوار المتمدن" foundation..

I'm the only Saudi there unfortunately..

(Joining Atheists of Saudi Arabia not because I am from anywhere near there, but in solidarity.)

There's no denying it, you all have an uphill battle here; as I understand it Saudi Arabia is almost monolithically Wahabbi Muslim.

Unfortunately, even people victimized by a religion, who break away from that aspect of it, will cling to other parts of it.  That's how religions reform and get away from their worst aspects, which has happened to Xianity.  Yes, it's a sign of brainwashing.

I don't know if Inanna Ishtar is intended as an international effort or aimed at Saudis in particular.  If it's for Saudis (and/or Muslims), I'd change the name; it rather pointlessly throws up a barrier to people you want on your side.  Insisting they drop not only the misogyny but also the very rigid monotheism enough to join a group named after a Babylonian deity might just make the perfect the enemy of the good.

Good luck with your efforts.



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