I only wanna know if you , ex muslims, feel the same as I do or not !!

Ok ; as an atheist who lives in an islamic country, and in order to stay on the safe side , I know for sure that I shall keep my thoughts for myself .

It 's like acquiring a new  skill . I learnt how to kill those religion debates that may disclose my secret ; I also know how to return any invitation to the mosque , I have millios of excuses now ... but when it comes to Ramadan , ahh , I just don't fit in anymore !!

 you know , you cannot drink, eat  or smoke outdoors and get away with it , you havee no excuse for that !! you know if you do that ,you will be jailed or , if lucky enough, injured and spat on by fellow muslim citizens !

   Indoors  , I can drink water , I always keep a bottle in my room ; as for food I prefer fruits because they are easy to hide ! the problem is with cigarettes ;I cannot smoke because of their smell that stays for so long  !!

 I know Ramadan is extremly  holly to muslims and I really don't wanna shock my family !! as I said before I am keeping this for myself and two other friend ; nobody else knows !! I am not satisfied !


 how do you feel about this stupid month ?????




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It's actually not healthy at all contrary to what some people may want you to believe :) You shouldn't be forced to do anything , you are a free woman !!

So how do you return an invitation to the mosque?  That sounds like something I can use.


I'm afraid that, unless you live alone, there's no escaping Ramadhan.  I used to try to steal a snack here and there but really, since you can't have a proper meal, might as well go with the flow and enjoy iftar with your family at the end of a long fast.


By the way, Ramadhan is not as bad if you're not working, so maybe you can time your vacation to coincide with Ramadhan.

I agree, I always take  IFTAR with family;

so I am not the only one who is suffering here from Ramadan . Personally , I don't get too many invitations to the mosque , even Muslims nowadays no longer pray; but when someone asks me to the mosque , I tell him I will join you , or that I have already prayed , You can also pretend that you will join after the wash for prayer ... thanks for your comments !

You're absolutely right, and I'm 100% sure that every non-muslim in Morocco feels the same !

Nobody is satisfied with this law, not only you!

I have told my parents and close family I am atheists and they actually make food for me ... it takes a lot of guts but I'm too honest , you feel a freedom that you would've never imagined ! 

Try to keep yourself hydrated , go out to eat , travel .... that can help not make you feel like sh*t for a whole month haha

i've been living like this for 8 years , i can't do it anymore , i really hate this month , i do smoke too , at first i was forced to stay without smoking the whole day , wasn't a fun thing to do , now i use electric cigarette so i can smoke in my room no problem , but surely i spend the whole Ramadan depressed , cause i'm forced to do something i really don't wanna do , muslims says we're gonna go to hell , well they made sure they'll give us a Hell in life before we die , just try to chill and be patient , yes i can say every ex muslim in morocco or any islamic country feels the same as you do , you're not alone .

I live in Italy with my family and I am forced too to fast and this makes really angry. Ramadan is the worst month of the year, it's my worst nightmare all year and what makes me really depressed is that my family knows I don't believe in any god but forces me anyway. I fasted for 5 years and this year I fasted the first 7 days then I realised that I was doing something that would have led me to a deep depression and it ruined my academic life. I fasted for all these years because I have always spent this awful month in morocco, but this year I decided to be myself on my own way drinking, eating and smoking outside with the excuse of studying at the library. Anyway also here in Italy I have to eat in places where I can't find any family member or other Moroccans who can know my parents and it's always frustrating. I need to do whatever I want with my life even if I still live with my parents because the fact that they have imposed something that made me think about religion and quit following it.

Lamia, the independence you will develop through the trauma and pressure placed upon you makes you stronger. Being part of this online community, you are already serving as a positive influence to people in similar circumstances. Maybe eating at those new places will allow you to meet interesting new people! Good luck these next few weeks.

Even as an American in Morocco, Ramadan is hard enough. I can hear people saying mean things all the time because they're so mramdan and it wears on me to be in the middle of so much violence. By dousing water over themselves and bathing in public, not drinking water is a joke. If Ramadan is supposed to show people what it is like not to have water, then this holiday belittles the strife of those who actually suffer.

To any Moroccan who can confidently abandon fairy-tales, I praise you to the utmost. It takes a serious amount of bravery to stand up to a system that wants you in jail for your thoughts.


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