I only wanna know if you , ex muslims, feel the same as I do or not !!

Ok ; as an atheist who lives in an islamic country, and in order to stay on the safe side , I know for sure that I shall keep my thoughts for myself .

It 's like acquiring a new  skill . I learnt how to kill those religion debates that may disclose my secret ; I also know how to return any invitation to the mosque , I have millios of excuses now ... but when it comes to Ramadan , ahh , I just don't fit in anymore !!

 you know , you cannot drink, eat  or smoke outdoors and get away with it , you havee no excuse for that !! you know if you do that ,you will be jailed or , if lucky enough, injured and spat on by fellow muslim citizens !

   Indoors  , I can drink water , I always keep a bottle in my room ; as for food I prefer fruits because they are easy to hide ! the problem is with cigarettes ;I cannot smoke because of their smell that stays for so long  !!

 I know Ramadan is extremly  holly to muslims and I really don't wanna shock my family !! as I said before I am keeping this for myself and two other friend ; nobody else knows !! I am not satisfied !


 how do you feel about this stupid month ?????




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I was in Iran last year during Ramadan as I was visiting my grandparents - so you are right. You cannot eat or drink in public or you face whipping if caught by police. What can we say? Islam is inherently evil and is a retrograde force upon humanity. As an atheist in an Islamic country - you cannot express your views openly in public as apostasy carries the death penalty. May I ask, what country do you reside in?

Thanks for your reply  Sassan K ; as for your question , I live in Morocco .I know that Iran is more strict than Morocco when it comes to enforcing the Islamic law ... good for you you left to a another place , hope it's not islamic though ! lol

why you are saying that this month is stupid ???
why you want muslims to respect your believes if you dont respect their believes ??????????????!!!!

First of all ; I don't have belief ,I have thoughts !

2 : I wouldn't  write this if muslims respected atheists !!

3 : muslims hate and you have to accept that !

4 : I cannot  eat , drink o smoke in ramadan because muslims don't respect my decisin ! that's all and yes it is  astupid month

ok  how do you expect muslims to respect your THOUGHTS if you dont respect their religion?????????
at least islam respect and believe in other divine religions

2. islam respect atheists  (islam not muslims) : islam told us to respect everyone and work with everyone ("lakom dinokom wa liya din")

3. Islam dousnt hate and im sure you did read coran and what coran told us about respecting others whatever their thoughts are (you should make difference between islam and muslims , talk to me about ISLAM , not people because atheists can hate , everyone can hate)

4. yes you can , i saw in casablanca people eating in mcdonald and even some of my friends and i didnt judge them and yes you shouldnt eat infront of people bcz if you do that meanst u DIDNT RESPECT them because they are hungry ....

5. and by saying that ramadan is stupid , it shows that you are the one that HATES my friend

good luck on fixing ur thoughts toward others first ;)

In country, in Ramadhan eating in public is a crime punishable by law.. if you try eating in public before sunset you will go to jail and you will be lashed!!

*In my country

Islam does not respect atheists or any infidels for that matter , I think you should start looking up verses before you make yourself look stupid !AND It's not the muslims he doesn't believe in it's islam .

By believing in the religion that calls for his death and calls non-believers descendants of apes and pigs , you actually support that idea which means you HATE non-believers and you are okay with the fact that he should be killed by the law of allah because he left islam (7add arridda)... which means u hate him and want him dead even if you don't know you do , or you haven't studied your religion enough to know what you actually believe in !

He should be free to eat whenever and wherever he pleases and it doesn't disrespect anybody ! If you're hungry go eat and if you choose to starve yourself for 14 hours then it is not his fault saying it's disrespectful is just plain ignorant!

By saying ramadan is stupid he is expressing his opinion . Humans have rights , ideas and months dont , just because it's a holy month to you doesn't mean everybody is going to feel the same about it ...

Good luck with your education and knowing the difference between not worshipping crap and hate !

PS: this is atheists of morocco , I think you're out of place here budy , there are a lot of muslim websites you can join though why did you get in here ?

I fasted last Ramadhan GRRRRRRR!!!!!

my husband forced me to do it!


Okay okay! fasting is good for health ehe ehe :'(

You should have married another infidel.


it's hard to find one .. I live in Morocco and I have been looking for any atheist friends since a long time ... I am still looking ! I want a wife who doesn't believe in fairy tales


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