I have never had a sport related injury in my life, and last week after I completed a standard 5km run I felt a small "itch" in my foot. It was a very mild burning sensation and I thought my skin was just getting dry (there climate here is pretty arid).

After a couple more runs the pain worsened. It never hurt during a run, only about half an hour later. Yesterday morning I woke up with pretty noticeable pain. When I tried to step on my foot it was a jolt of burning, deep throbbing pain. The pain persisted all day even while I was sitting stationary at my desk. I applied myoflex cream and a tensor bandage. This combination seems to make the pain go away until I try to step on my foot. I've been limping to avoid putting excessive weight on this foot.

The pain now has been stemming from my ankle in my left foot. It travels down toward the left side of my foot on the top, and it only slightly painful near the two toes on the left side when I apply pressure to that area. The pain worsens significantly when I place my foot flat on the ground while my weight is transferred to the left leg, and my knee is pushed forward to step off the ball of the foot.

There is no swelling, redness or anything else out of the ordinary visually.

I thought I may have stressed a ligament or tendon but now I am not sure if I have a stress fracture. I really just want to know if this injury sounds severe enough for a visit to the doctor (I don't want to spend 2 hours in a waiting room to be told to apply the RICE method to my foot), or if I can heal this with some rest and careful walking.

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I've always had good luck taking a couple weeks off. Stress fractures for me have always been very localized. I can't say that I've ever learned anything from a General Practitioner about a foot or wrist. My experience is that they are as befuddled as us. I wish there was a sports medicine or podiatry clinic that you could just walk into. Good luck!


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