Hey fellow runners,

I managed to finish my first ultra-marathon this weekend - 50 km (about 31 miles). It was at the Born to Run races in Los Olivos, California.

I thought I'd share the news, and ask: anyone else run an ultra-marathon lately (or at all)?

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Fantastic, John, and congrats! I've run seven marathons, the most recent one last October, but it's still my goal to run an ultra. Thanks for the inspiration.

Congrats John. I've run 12 Marathons and would like to do an ultra one day.

Congratulations, John.  The farthest I've run is the marathon, the last one at age 72, so far.  But I would never run an ultra-marathon, given the punishment my body takes in marathons.

Just checking, John, but you don't happen to know my nephew Garrett Headley, do you?  He runs in a lot of California ultra-marathons, especially in the vicinity of Santa Barbara.  Given the relatively small number  of people who do those races, I thought you might happen to know him.


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