Hey all I just started a 1000 mile Atheist run for anyone that has the Nike + system. Even if you don't have the nike + system you can still post your run's here! If you have any questions let me know!

Trust me its so worth getting the Nike plus system! Let me know if you have any questions. Join the Atheist Running group guys :D

This is my Runs a few days ago The system makes it fun again to run!

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Right, I'll start posting my distances as of tomorrow.
14 miles this week. 5 of these during rain and heavy winds, which is really annoying since my glasses does not come with windshield wipers. But heck, it's worth it. Here's to another good week!
This is my warm-up run earlier today.

I'm taking it slow. Don't wanna get injured again. I don't know why the big dip is there in the beginning. I thought I paused the workout to stretch out. I need some new shoes so bad.
End of week 5: 8 miles total. The legs feel alright, I think I need to start pushing the distances a bit more
End of week 6: baaaad week, only 6km.. which is what? 3,5 miles and some pocket change?

However, I did get some additional sexercise and concert-related aerobics (yay for pretty blondes and friends in punkmetal-bands!) so total exercise was good enough. Improvement will commence next week!
wicked Nice Christoffer!
Week 7 - First run: 7,1km (4.4 miles) @ 44mins
Finally, broke the downward spiral and came out pretty ok in my book. Didn't really push the envelope as it felt like I've could've gone on for at least 10-15mins before it really started to get to me.
End result: Really sweaty, slightly winded, and satisfied.
Award for best track in my iPod goes to Stam1na - Lääke. Props to the Finns!
Alright, Week 7 is done and counting the Monday session I've done a whooping total of 14 miles, more than a half-marathon (yay me!). Best session was by all accounts the revisit of the 4.4 mile run I did today, only 5min faster. A good week all in all
end of week 8: Not as impressive as last week as I had my ass full of schoolwork, but all in all I covered 8 miles this week. Tomorrow I'll start a 12 week program towards being able to run a half-marathon. So unless I get sick or something, expect at the very least 13 miles/week (increasing gradually) from now on!

Also: I noticed we're more than halfway to the goal now. Kudos!


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