On the street I run 3.5 to 4 miles about every other day. Recently I've taken up trail running on the weekends. I'm in Washington with mountains all over. So I'll get the dog, hike up a four to five mile climb then run down. Today I was running down what would have been a 6.5 mile after a 4.5 mile climb. Most of the down was in the sun and when I got into the shade I started to feel funny. Tingling on the surface, and chilled. I was tired, but not panting, heart not pounding, just in the middle of what for me is a good run. It felt as though maybe I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my extremities, but I did still have feeling in my toes and fingers.
I guess my question is for people whom push themselves, has anyone else experienced that? Ever find a cause? I do have low BP just due to running... Fat and lazy it's 120/80 and in shape I've seen it as low as 105/54 and @ 52 bpm. Thoughts? Dr. or chalk it up to my current limit?

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Tingly on the surface or under the skin? Wearing sunscreen or anything?

I had an instance where, after exertion in the sun, I got under shade and started to tingle and itch. It got bad enough I went and took a shower and it went away. I chalked it up to the sunscreen and threw out the bottle.

I spoke with my sisters boyfriend about it over dinner and it sounded like heat stress to him. I certainly couldn't see myself to help assess it, but it seems plausible. I didn't have any unusual chemicals around. But it was the first day over 70 degrees, I was adding multiple miles to the run and I'm a three day a week runner to begin with. There seem to be a number of ways it can express itself and maybe I was just early into it. I don't drink water even after hours of working out so maybe that is part of it too. I carry it, I just don't get the urge. This middle aged thing sucks! What do you mean I have to think about things now? I used to just do them.
Anything over 2 miles and I turn into a fish. I've got a 2 liter CamelBak that I'll finish on a 5+ miler.

Heat stress/exhaustion/stroke sounds plausible. And water will help avoid that.

If you have the means to prevent it, don't ever let yourself get there! I spent 11 years in Phoenix, and during my time in the Army watched a lot of guys fallout with heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Once your body crosses that threshold once, its more susceptible to it forever.


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