I know there are more atheists who play an instrument!

I personally play the piano, drums, ukulele and I'm new to the violin.

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The Keyboard, and by Keyboard I mean computer keyboard, and what I mean by that is, I don't play instruments -- I write. :D I'm sorry I'm really tried right now.
Woot! Finally an update! Yay! Okay, enough of that. Thanks Neal, and I'm sure It will be fine. Speaking of that, do you have any songs on your profile you've sung?
Okay thank you! Looking forward to listening.

I sing, play guitar (lead/rhythm/slide), bass, ukulele (regular and baritone), a little percussion, and can write and arrange for many other instruments. I'm also a lyricist.

Yeah, I figured it was a fairly dead thread, but seeing as how there aren't a whole lot discussions in this group, it still seemed like a good place to list my musical skills. :)
Percussion (not limited to drums), some very minimal piano.
I play mainly the Bass Clarinet and Clarinet.

Guitar, vocals, keys, harmonica, drum machine.

guitarist here.  here are some random things i've done in the last few years.  I really wish i was more of a lyricist.

Is that a flecktones reference?

i own a takemine santa fe and play a bit of keyboards and some sax, just learning that one, but love it!


i was a worship leader for many years, so most of my playing was done 'for god'... such a waste...

I play bass and guitar. Bass predominantly. I stopped playing guitar cuz I felt there were too many guitarists out there... the irony is... I have a band, The Toejams, with NO GUITARIST!


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