I know there are more atheists who play an instrument!

I personally play the piano, drums, ukulele and I'm new to the violin.

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So any guitarist out there.. .send me a message, maybe we can exchange some music, I have drum and bass songs ready...

Clarinet represent!

As an infant: I DJed on my Fisher Price record player. (Yes, I still have it.)
As a child: four years of piano lessons.As a young adult: rhythm guitar and lead vocals.
And at present, I've left behind traditional instrumentation and become a multimedia avant-garde sound artist.

(Does that still count?)

I play piano, bass guitar, and write and record with a DAW. Currently recording an album with a female singer.

Electric guitar, rock and blues.

Very badly.

Guitar, percussion: Conga's and Bongo's mostly. Teaching myself guitar. Taught myself how to read music. Loving it…. 

My daughter is the musician. She has an upright piano, a Yamaha Electric keyboard, plays the Cello, guitar, and ukulele. She's majoring in Music Voice. She's gifted. Her voice is classified as a Spinto Soprano. Very rare and sought after range. Right now she's in Italy studying intensive Italian for voice.

After graduation I gave her a Martin Guitar and she also has a Fender American Standard Strat, an Ovation acoustic, and, her first guitar, an Ibanez that sounds terrible but that she keeps for sentimental value. Since she's been away I've been playing her Martin. Sweet!!!….


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