I'm Nenona1200 on there.

I listen to mostly electronica and trip-hop lately, but I have a wide variety of stuff that I listen to.

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I am also on Last.fm. I listen to whatever I fancy that day. =P


You can find me as Shridrea there.

I forgot I was on Blip.fm as well. This is mine: http://blip.fm/wpsdude

I'm on last.fm! just search for bassman7500!

Hi, Jonel. I am bigcwps on there. Feel free to check it out and add me if you want. Favorite bands include Orbital, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Donora (an indie band from Pittsburgh), etc.



I'm Foldedglass on lastfm :) Will add the people here.

My taste is quite broad. Michael Jackson and the Black Eyed Peas (their old stuff) to Tori Amos and Imogen Heap with a bit of Cat Stevens thrown in.

I'm bubbski on Last.fm

I just signed up today. ""nofaithpoet"


I'm going to be adding all of you so see you around :)

Boards of Canada is like so dope!!! :)

Iszil there too. Well, I'm Iszil pretty much anywhere.

I'm an artist there as well.

I'm isthisatrick198 on there.

My media server outputs my daily listening to last.fm.  Though I tend to play complete discographies at a time so you'd have to do some digging.

Genres I enjoy:

Berlin School, Canterbury Scene, Krautrock, Ambient music, Barbarism, Chance Music, Computer Music, Dadaism, Downtempo, Drone, early Electroacoustic, 50s-60s Electronic Music, Fluxus, Free Jazz, Frippertronics, Fusion, Future Jazz, Futurism, Indeterminacy, Microtonalism, Minimalism, Musique Concrète, Neo-Classicism, Noise Music, Outsider Music, and early Tape Music.

If anyone digs these genres drop me a line!

UN: innerspaceboy42 on last.fm.


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