This whole Operation Rescue thing done by Rachel Maddow, in addition to the Justifiable Homicide in South Dakota for killing people that would do harm to a fetus aka Abortion Doctors... it's really been making me think.


We deem it okay to target Islamist clerics who use their speech to put death threats on people for "defacing their religion", but in the United States there has been no prosecution of Christians in this country for doing pretty much the same actions: Using fear of physical harm or death to get their way. 


Is it moral for a person (believer or non-believer) to initiate the use of preventive force against a person who is using threats of violence or force to gain power?


When does this use of force become sanctioned? After example of violence in the past being linked to their speech? After significant danger is reported because of their speech? Or is it never sanctioned outside of law?

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you can't be sure which end of her digestive


Read 'digestive tract' here.

To me Tiller's murderer is no different than the pilot and the military cronies behind him who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. The principal is to kill the few to save the many. It's the very same logic. The winner and the loser are simply relative to which political side you chose. I choose to be on the abortion side, against procreators, as I would have voted, were that a reality, against using/developing the Abomb. Some of us are at war with pro-lifers, and it is a war. I don't want war, but if we don't stop them, they will win.


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