[Poll] What is, according to you, the biggest moral challenge of our times?

Per Adriana's request, I've moved the question from the comment wall to its own discussion thread.

Nothing much to add, title says it all. Now don't be as lazy as I am, and discuss.

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Love it !
That's a good one, but not really specific to our times (I meant our times to mean 'today' rather than 'the Holocene'.)
What's wrong with my Jaumian?
Well, sort of, although exploitation has a much longer history than the American Way Of Life ;-)

...an enlightened tour of the Holocene.


What does that mean? Visiting a Creationist Museum?

Agreed, and the great motivator behind exploitation is greed.

I've got two words for all of you. "Logan's Run". Okay, but seriously, my opinion is you are all wasting your time trying to figure this problem out. There is no hope. We are all doomed. It's only matter of time and the world will turn into one big Mad Max movie and I don't think I would want to live in a world like that. Master Blaster.


Damnit! That hag Dooms Day Flower got out of her back room again! Ignore her!


Okay, I put her back in there and locked the door. It is my opinion that it is programmed into our basic DNA to hope and to strive to solve problems. It is what makes us human. So carry on. It's the noble thing to do.

I'm in agreement that the socioeconomic climate is one of the chief things that should be reconsidered. I find it morally reprehensible that it's not only considered acceptable but is also considered favorable to undermine the rights and well-being of the working class to scrape out a few more dollars of profit for those at the top. Wanting to do well is one thing, but insatiable greed is destroying our working classes.
 We must focus on renewable resources..... and population management.  The crisis is going to get here sooner then we think.   Octomom and the Duggers need to be reined in somehow.  We are running out of resources to feed, house and clothe everyone.  The problem is only going to get worse unless we do something.
I agree. I so often hear "we can pile in many more people!" but to me the question is not can we?, but do we want to? We are not ants or termites or bees, we are primates, and living as insects is not something our evolution has prepared us for, we do not have the adaptations to live as insects. I've started to use this new expression I'm liking more and more "liberal creationism" (evolutionary is true, but only from the neck down). The humans pushing humanity in the transhuman direction choose to completely ignore 4 million years of evolution, and push humans in some "beyond the natural" that I find so dogmatic/religious it's depressing. OK I'll shut up now cuz I'll go ranting mad! :P


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