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What the hell...


Ok here is the link. =)

Wow, he's fantastic!

I'm glad you liked it. =)

I'm going to see him next month. With all new material! Yeah!
He sounds soooo depressing :D

Just watched a bunch of his YouTubes... there's a lot of repetition, in the English language... I wish I spoke Swedish, I bet he's got bundles more variety in his material in his own language.


I did like this one: in Dublin. Part 2 is even better! on discussing the new blasphemy law.

He is hard core  - at least his Irish gigs were. Some on utube also.

hehe :)

and this one on Apple

I just had my apple headset replaced cuz the right speaker was busted and it created this annoying buzz in that ear! (and what a hassle it was) And there are so many features available on all my previous phones that don't exist on this thing! Like I can't delete calls individually, and only 2 call lists instead of three (incoming and outgoing can not be separated) it's all or nothing, and the calendar event alert is not customisable! oh and a bunch of other things. He bitches about video messaging, funny cuz I was using the internet on my CDMA cellphone in 2001, blisteringly fast, sharing same bandwidth as calls, cellphone internet has been getting slower ever since! I was a magazine editor on a great huge MacIntosh back in 1988, I used to be a hardcore MACcer :) I had an LCIII that worked great until I sold it for 300$ in 2000! Great resale value for a 10 y/o computer! I also feel the incredible "need" to buy a macbook AIR, but I'm denying myself :)

Ah Swedish, I want my Firefox to have an instant voice translator function, I'm sure it will shortly :)


Did you see him in person?

I forgot to say that I don't agree with the whole what-were-you-doing-for-forty-years-in-the-desert-moses-didn't-anyone-tell-you-about-gps kind of stories because I know that the Jews had to fight their way through the dessert to Jericho an this lasted for forty years, in other words, they were stationery on no man's land for a some time. So, this is not a good argument.

In his other video posts, he tried several variations on the Moses story, mostly without the GPS part. I think it's quite hilarious: 40 years for 300 miles!!!! Come on now, it is so nonsensical that it is simply funny! :)

Archaeologically speaking, there has never been one shred of evidence unearthed that points to such an exodus, scientists have been looking long and hard. Will we find such evidence someday in the future? maybe yes maybe no. I don't think there will ever be any evidence found.

Exodus is one of my favourite parts of the bible, because without it we wound say things like:

-ten commandments make no sense because don't kill means don't kill Jews, but nonjews, ah, do what you like.

-how many people were killed in the name of god you say? 1, 2... how about millions!

-wasn't god cruel when he killed moses right before the end? He learned his lesson, don't    trust      god

-mana from space? Now that is ridiculous. I mean, if you can make mana out of nothing why haven't you been more creative, like sundaes for everyone. But they aren't kosher probably.

-water from a stone. Now, why is that a miracle, it happens all the time.

So you are not using your brain if you can't find some other explanation for forty years in the dessert except 300 miles or they got lost. How about they killed, stoned each other, bickered, fought and were lazy because they couldn't listen to moses any more who probably kept them in the dessert on purpose because he wanted to be in control and this was the only way. Man are bad with change.

yep those are funny too! Frankly, everything from the bible is funny when it comes down to it. But I like the simple and effective, but also original, how many other comics have come up with that one! :)

So... are you headed for a religious comic career as well? :)

I don't see myself as a comedian, but funny sh*t comes out of my mouth, says the egoist :D


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