...Who would be the Holy Spirit and His Son?

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I'm glad you brought Chuck into this. Your suggestion is admirable. However, is Chuck Norris more of a prophet - a voice speaking in the wilderness preparing the way for someone greater than himself?

And Pamela - his bitch as in Mother Mary?
Thanks for the compromise. And I'm going to ask even more of you. In your opinion - is Chuck more of a Moses or John the Baptist or an Elijah? Moses makes sense - but then who are the other prophets?

Mr T is most definitely in the picture. I can see him as God-David Hasselhoff's Son more than Chuck.

Any candidates for Mary Magdalene? Pam Grier?
Ok - I'll give you Chuck as the holy trinity of prophets. It works. I'm going to have to disagree with Ray Comfort as Mary Magdalene - partly because there are so few women that get to be represented to begin with, it is only fair that Mary Mag goes to a real live woman. Maybe not Pam Grier. Ray Comfort might better fit in a disciple slot - or better yet - a Sadducee or Pharisee. But that's just my opinion.

Ok - so Pam Grier needs to get in somehow. Maybe she is an OT character. Bathsheba. Where does Melissa Gilbert fit in? Maybe some of the women can go drag for a male role.

Patrick Swayze? Good Angel/Bad Angel?
In Germany Hasselhoff IS God... but everything he does on TV is dubbed. So - is the person who dubs Hasselhoff the Holy Spirit or the Pope or _____.
K.I.T.T. - open for suggestions.
What about Mel Gibson as the HS, and Kurt Cameron can be the great JC.
Becky - thanks for complicating this. Kirk Cameron versus Mister T as JC? oooh. I'm thinking of bumping Mr T into a disciple slot - maybe the disciple that lost his temper and cut off someone's ear in the Garden - i'm lazy tonight so forget the name. No - Mike Tyson might fit that better. Shoot. Mr T needs a spot.

Mel Gibson as HS. Hmm. Ok - until someone better comes along.
What do you mean "if"?


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