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The Right is very good at demonizing 'the other' and for many 'Merakins, evil is a synonym for communist, atheist, Muslim, fascist, Nazi, feminist, etc.  You don't need to know what those words actually mean to fling them at your opposition! 

You fascist-communist, Islamic-atheist, liberal-Nazi terrorist!!!  Fox News Bless America!

Gorilla in the Room.

Actually next time be more prepared. You can actually ask the police for an escort if you know some asshole is going to ask you to leave without knowing all the laws and your rights. Find out what you can legally do, such as take a turn to speak, take the police with you to get them thrown out since THEY are the ones breaking the law, get a news crew to go with you, wear tshirts instead of signs to get around the law, etc. Nice try though and love the suit and message! :-)

Thank you, Mike. I especially loved that part at the end where you said that if you don't stand up for your rights now, one day, we might not have them.


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