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I love, love, love this!  Whatever anyone might think, this was gutsy, and I appreciate it.  Thanks Mike.

Dear Folks:

As a member of the local Occupy group, this is just up our alley, but normally we do not pick on the relgious folks. We might actually need these folks to change culture.

Separation of Church and State, PLEASE!

That's still a bit too conservative. Separation of church and planet, please.

I hear that the larger asteroids might still be available to habitation.....

Ape suit, priceless! Loved it

I was not aware that the President signs a proclaimation every year to encourage it. It must annoy those who wish to keep church and state seperate when the President endorses it. How bad is that? wiki. Keep up the good work Mike. Now I am off to the gorilla suit shop.

He is required by law to do so once a year (said law passed in the 1950s).  In the mid 1980s, in order to try to make it a regular, predictable holiday, another law was passed mandating a specific Thursday in May.

And yes it annoys us, and the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) has been trying to fight the law in court, but they keep getting their suits tossed out for lack of standing.

So what would happen if Obama fails to sign the proclamation on constitutional grounds? Surely he has some understanding of this?

Obama wouldn't waste his precious political capitol on this issue.  Bigger fish to fry. 

You guys are awesome! Definitely working on making my voice louder. Soon I'll have the lady balls to put on an ape suit

Thanks for the links. As a Brit, I had never heard of this Day of Prayer. It seems that might makes right, in the USA. I find it rather bizarre that in the 21st Century, such mystical behavior is considered acceptable. Of course Obama will have to comply next year. I watched a vid during the election campaign with a reporter asking individuals why they were voting Romney. One of the women said that Obama was a communist and an atheist and a Muslim. All three, and the woman furiously asserted YES. Freaks!


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