Hi.  I started intently trying to learn to play guitar when I was 14.  I'm now 52 and I'm still trying, though not with quite the same intensity I had as an adolescent.

I took lessons in accordion, piano, and even trumpet but the guitar is my instrument of choice.  I still play a bit of keyboards now and then.  I can also blow a blues harp adequately. 

I used to only perform solo with an acoustic guitar at coffee houses and music festivals and such.  These days, I still do a bit of that but my primary musical outlet currently is my rock & roll band, Axes of Ego.  If anyone is interested, there are some audio and video links on the web site.  We play bars and dances -- and sometimes music festivals or coffee houses.  We once went fully acoustic and did a house concert, temporarily changing our name to Hatchets of Hubris for that gig.

About ten years ago, I attended a George Thorogood and the Destroyers concert and was fortunate enough to be quite close to the stage.  Watching him use a slide, I thought, "Hmm...  That doesn't look so hard."  So, I started using a slide on some songs.  I'm nowhere near as proficient as a really good slide player would be but people seem to enjoy it.

I use two guitars at gigs, a Les Paul copy in standard tuning and an old semi-acoustic Ovation (the body is all wood -- no fibreglass) in open G tuning for the slide work.

I've written a few songs that are somewhat overtly atheist but I don't think I've got any recordings of them up at this time.

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