You're going to prison for 10 years. You can however take TWO games with you. The ONLY two games you'll have access to for 10 years. What do you take?

The year is 2012 and the US has gone full retard and elected Sarah Palin as president. After dirty bombs explode in several US cities she declares martial law in order to protect our "freedoms". The first thing she does is to start locking up undesirables. This includes Atheists, non-Christians, Redditors, and Matt Damon.

While your "camp" doesn't have internet access, you are allowed to bring two games with you as you serve out your 10 year term for not supporting "freedom." They can be console or pc but you'll be stuck with them.

What do you bring?

/Cue Twilight Zone music

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Ummm... Can't I just take my Steam account? Trying to pick 2 games is like trying to decide which star I like the most. I play different games all the time, I would struggle with just 2 for 10 years. I suppose if I absolutely had to then maybe Skyrim? And Starbound/Don't Starve? I'm a bit torn between the last two!

Or maybe Sims 4 (when it releases)... or maybe Mass Effect... Or Guild Wars... or GTA...

This is a tough choice! 

I Still waiting for assassin's creed V  

Tetris and NHL 14

I'm surprised nobody has said Minecraft yet.
But I would have to choose Minecraft just because of all the options you have with it and because you also said that LAN is available and I would imagine other prisoners having PC's, too.
Now, I don't know if it's ok if I bring one PC game and one console game, but if I can then I would have to say the second one would be Super Mario Bros. I guess the Wii U one because it is a bit funner than the old ones, but the old ones do bring back some great memories.

But yeah, Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. U.

But I think if all of us that are going to prison collaborated and planned ahead then we can have much more fun. What I mean is, I have SMBU with multiplayer, then somebody else could bring another MP like Tetris or Mario Party. And same goes with LAN games.


1. Go

2. a regular deck of cards.


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