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KAGarrett (same on PSN).

This is a great idea!
INFIDEL OUTLAW xbox gamertag.. playing the shit out of red dead right now but would play almost anything.
catlady andrea
My gamertag is SkepticAlan. I'm hoping to get some co-op happening with people I can also have a decent conversation with between headshots...

Resident evil 5
Gears 1&2
Splinter Cell Conviction

I guess even the lego games would be fun to play with interesting people...

My gamertag is Timberwolf KW. I play mostly Halo: Reach now. You may find me playing a few random games time to time.

Hi I mostly play games like Halo and Call of duty.

My Gamertag is logansgame123

Gamertag's gameb0lt with a zero.  Behind in my gaming so I'm working on the original GOW and cod

black ops online sometimes.


You can find me on Call of duty Black ops 2 and Halo 4

My Gamertag is - logansgame123


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