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I don't play many online games, but my gamertag is "pamdragon" if you happen to want another friend. :-)
I hardly ever play XBL, but when I do, my tag is "Treephalanges"
I also don't play online much but you can occassionally find me online playing NHL 09 or Saint's Row 2. GamerTag is the same as my name here, SabreNation

Love playing shooters!
I haven't gotten my 360 back from being repaired, but it's Scadilla. I do however have a PS3 that I get onto often with the same gametag.
"Johnny Baowulf"

I'll play just-about anything; but most typically play shooters, racers, and rpg types. Currently playing CoD:WaW.
I don't get much time to jump online, but my gamertag is "Bockscar" if anyone feels like a game sometime.
Darth Mizzark, yo
"redsnakehead" is always on, playin something. If you need another player for L4D or Horde mode I'm in!
iXx SaLsA xXi is mine. I play pretty frequently lol
I don't play alot of online games but when I do I'm "murfman78" on XBox Live.
My gamertag is LordDarkHeImet. The L in helmet is a capital i. I usually play Call Of Duty 4, but if my brother is over we play halo 3.


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