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i figured thered be more WoWers reppin
Aw, I miss WoW. I haven't had any time to play for the past two years, but I had a rather bad habit for most of vanilla WoW and TBC. I started on an NE druid way back when and eventually settled on an UD priest, grinding up to rank 14 as holy spec because apparently I am a masochist. I switched back to alliance and played a destro lock for a few years afterward. I just transferred my old priest to alliance with the new faction transfer, but she is rotting at 71. :(

I'm surprised there aren't more WoWers, too. But I hear from friends who still play that it has gone downhill and new content isn't too terribly impressive. I also hear a lot of mixed reviews about the upcoming xpac; a lot of people are annoyed that it is just a revamping of old content. Either way, I wish I had time to play casually, at least.
I played WoW for 4 years solid. Back when it was actually a good and challenging game and when they watered it down in BC. It's amazing how much easier a game can be made just to attract a larger audience.

I played a Smite spec holy for PvP until BC. BC ruined that spec because for some reason it was decided that priests shouldn't be able to crit for 2k at level 60. Then came BC where they ruined raiding. 25 man raids were so boring that I literally fell asleep killing bosses. Wasn't even a problem though because the bosses were so easy that you could have 5 people go afk and still down them easily.

Perhaps I am just a bitter WoW veteran who thought the need to have 40 people in a raid wasn't a problem, and that organizing that many people took some great skill. Not to mention the out door bosses, does anyone remember the Emerald Dream Dragons? I remember 100s of horde vs 100s of alliance fighting for those dragons because without their armor it was impossible to kill the top tier bosses at the time. Oh good times.
Lol, I remember logging on to the GMOTD of "DRAGONS ARE UP GET TO FERALAS." I loved outdoor bosses and the random world pvp that they spawned. I know they tried to add some objective-based world pvp in TBC, but it just wasn't the same. Loot is a much better motivation that capping flags or towers ever will be.

I never really played smite spec too much; I was always a defensive pvp healbot. I was always with a full AB group, though; pugging as a healer back was pointless back then. I think that grind was the most fun I had in WoW.

I do think that Blizzard has been watered down the game somewhat, but my main gripe is that it has been overanalyzed. There is a mod, compendium, or cookie cutter method for everything about the game now. I used my share of mods and was constantly playing around with my UI, but it just seems now that there are almost too many mods. I still don't understand encounter-specific mods that many guilds require; DBM and general raid-announcement enhancements are one thing, but a mod just for one fight? Really?

I guess I miss the "figure-it-out-yourself" aspect. I was always testing out different spec and gear combos to maximize my pvp survivability. Now, if you deviate one point from the gospel of Elitist Jerks, be prepared to be mocked into oblivion by some tool who will spout off an entire forum thread of statistics and calculations. I'm not criticizing the efforts to maximize one's gameplay, but there is way too much reliance upon theorycrafting now. Calulating maximum efficiency in a hypothetically controlled environment is great, but people seem to forget that gameplay rarely meets hypothetically perfect conditions.

Haha, I just realized I went off on four-paragraph rant about WoW when I haven't even consistently played in over a year. /facepalm
Remember the pre-bc healer UI? The jokes about never actually seeing the inside of a dungeon never quite got old. Good old CT raid blue boxes filling the screen to the point where they were the game and not WoW.
Rofl, yes, back before Grid or Clique or any of the mods that are now considered essential for healing. Remember when Greater Heal was still a 4-second cast even with talents? I remember my thumb constantly hovering over my spacebar ready to jump and cancel the cast when my target would inevitably be topped off by some faster heal. (I hadn't quite mastered stopcast macros back then.)

As much as I bitch, I still wish that I had time to play...
You guys are making me feel all teary... Four friends and I started together 15 minutes after midnight on launch day. We played together, and grew a guild of 200+ people. Organizing, leading, and attending raids was starting to affect my marriage though, so I stopped playing in 2008.

Mage and Warrior were the two classes I enjoyed most, and had one of each max level and well geared during BC.

Coincidentally, moments before stumbling in here I was reading up on how to configure a private server. I've thought for awhile about going back to playing but vowing to not get involved in raiding. I played Warcraft games for years before WoW, and really enjoy the lore of it. But paying the monthly subscription has been another deterrent. So if I can setup a private server to play through single player quests I might be able to sate some of this longing without spending money, and with no way to get sucked into raids.
Currently RE-RE installing...
Lvl 80 mage
lvl 80 paladin
Argent Dawn US
I was on Argent Dawn before my desktop took a surge. My laptop thinks it's overheating when playing skifree, so I don't use it for important games such as WoW where blood may be at stake.
Hmmm...5 hours till I get to go home and see how badly Blizzard broke my game with their mega-patch.

Horde-Ravencrest, BTW
ah wow haven't heard of many of these servers, i play on two at the moment mains are elzirak shaman - stormrage, and tyv rogue - mok nathal. i have a few various other characters as well in 60's and 70's and 1s lol.


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