Resident Evil 5 and LittleBigPlanet here.

What about you?

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Resident Evil 5 and Call of Duty World at War Zombies the most lately :)
I played the Zombies mini-game with a friend a few nights back. I was completely unprepared to fall in love and devote the better part of the evening to it, but that's what happened.
Killzone2 right now :]
I played the demo recently. Graphically the game was amazing, but it took me a little while to get used to the camera motions. I didn't feel so good at first :)
Playing Last Remnant right now because I haven't played a RPG in a long time.
I know next to nothing about it. Any good?
I like it pretty well. I'm not really paying attention to the story, but the battle system is fun. I'd compare it to maybe Suikoden or FF Tactics. You form unions using different battle formations. It's turn-based using quick time events (kind of like in Legend of Dragoon) to execute critical triggers.

Your hp and ap are restored after every battle to allow for higher battle chains, so that's awesome. I chained like 200 enemies once. Downsides are that loading before and after battles take a while, as can the battles themselves. The textures load in slowly, but that could just be my machine.
Resident Evil 5 and Fallout 3. Everytime I play Fallout 3 I think that I've finished everything but then I find more cool stuff to do.
yeah I beat fallout 3 I never played any of the other games before it. Alot of fun.
Same here. I love that game so hard. I think I've done everything except the dl content.
Did they tweak the motorcycle mechanics at all?
yeah I lazor beamed threw FO3. Great game.


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