So I am looking for fellow Wii owners who are going to buy this game.

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I played the demo and was somewhat underwhelmed... but that could be because I had to use the wii remote+nun-chuck combo. I may go ahead and pick this up anyway with the wii classic remote bundle they're going to offer, hopefully a real controller makes a big difference over the wii-mote controls.
I guess I should check out the demo as well then. The main reason I am interested in this game is because I played the original on the PS2, but I never really got into it for the PSP. The only way the game is any fun in my opinion is if you play with other people online, otherwise it gets boring kinda quick.
I checked out the promo videos on the Nintendo Channel. I have to say, the gameplay videos didn't excite me as much as I thought it would. The underwater scenes looked mildly promising. I'll wait for the price to drop before I get this one, unless everyone else tells me it's awesome. The strangest thing I noticed from the videos was the all the footage had a washed out, desaturated tone to it. I don't know if they were just bad videos, because the stills look much better.

*Additional info after checking out the Monster Tri thread on my favourite game forum* Damn it, yes, I will get it. I've been convinced. I see the European release is Wii Speak compatible and the Classic Controller Pro bundled with it is a handsome piece of plastic. Once again I have been seduced by shiny new things.
I've been seriously debating this game for a while. Recently I've found myself playing the original Monster Hunter and enjoying it as much as I enjoyed it when I first bought it. I know the game is just huge on the PSP, and apparently the reason it's coming out on the Wii is the difficulty to make it for the PS3. If it works well with the classic controller I may get it when it comes out, depends on how well it takes off. Generally the game gets old fast if you don't have people to play with.
I'm sold on anything that gets together a party of players to hunt down towering monsters. This game is also getting pretty good ratings. I think I'll get it eventually.


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