I'd just like to make my fellow gamers aware of a website called Humble Bundle.

It's a website where they put together a small bundle of games (about 5-12 games) every week or two. You pay what you want for the bundle and the proceeds go to charity! Most often you will get the chance to pay above average, with which you will then be given a further 2-5 games. 

At the moment (for the next day or 2) they are offering an indie bundle. I am a huge indie game fan so this bundle is incredible! I highly recommend getting it!

Steam is needed to access and download the games after your purchase.

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I don't mean to advertise or anything, I just think the website is amazing and every gamer should know about it!

Definitely.  Probably gonna get this latest one got some great

games in there.  Last one I got had Teleglitch in it, very cool retro

permadeath game, been playing it quite a bit.

Teleglitch looks like fun! I think I'll look into getting it.

I bought this bundle a couple days ago and have been loving life since then! I think Dust and Swapper on their own are worth getting the bundle. Monaco, Fez and Beat Buddy also make it completely worth getting the unlocked games as well. Sigh, so many games, so little time.

Lol I hear that, I've probably got a few years of games backlogged to play.             

Hopefully I win big when I go to Vegas this summer and can take more time off work to get gaming.


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