what to say about God of War 3(?)


"FUCK", extremely unintelligent I know, but it was the only word which seemed to protrude from the hole in my face as I sat watching Kratos duking it out with perhaps the best opening boss in gaming history. Of course that statement is a bit over the top, however it's hard to conjure up the memory of an opening level so incredibly badass. The only way I can properly describe it is if you took the gritty drab from the normandy scene in saving private ryan, added the most random yet kickass creature Peter Jackson could conjure up, and have Neill Blomkamp direct the scene. I'm in the process of moving thus I've only progressed about 2 hours in the game so I'll stop right here and report back when I've beaten it. But it's a def must own for Kratos fans.


what to say about PS3 MOVE(?)


"I'll bite", having XP'd the toy that is the Wii and unimpressed by the one live demo of Natal, the MOVE seems to be the one thing out of the motion control gimmic pile worth checking out. From what I saw this COULD be the first motion controller to cater to every kind of game without forcing the motion controls into it like the Wii has. Of course movie trailers can be cinematic master pieces while the movies they represent are total garbage, so we'll have to wait and see wont we? Admittingly the controller rips off the Wii-mote and looks incredibly stupid with the giant colorful orb on top of it, yes I know it's what's needed so the camera(or eye) can see it, thus making it so accurate. I don't care it looks stupid. Then again, so does waving your arms around in front of the tv in general.


what to say about ONLIVE(?)


"Hmmmm", I get back from 2 months desert training in June, right when this will be released to PC and Mac owners. Having recently updated my household desktop, I've decided I'm gonna give this a try. From what I've read, OnLive is fairly on track to being the great threat to the console however it still has a LONG way to go. If anything, it'll just add video games to my bed room :)

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GoW is quite possibly the most over hyped game ever, all it is is a button masher that has a bunch of gore.

The Move I saw on G4tv, and like you said, until we get a chance to use it, it will be impossible to see how it feels when you are actually playing. The WIii really took most of the wind out of their sails so if they want them to be bought they need to make them perfect and have games that are astounding, otherwise no one will give a damn.

Onlive seems interesting, but the fact that it's all streaming will probably hurt it initially. The quality of online play is diminished enough as it is from unreliable internet providers, and through Onlive they are going to make you suffer through it offline too. It will be astounding for those people with awesome internet providers who never screw them over, but for us common folk it will probably be less frustrating to stick with the consoles a little while longer.
matt i don't even wanna hear what you have to say about god of war lol. i know all about how you hated the first games, if you even bothered with the second that is, so you get no say with me lol.
Haha, fair enough


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