Due to the number of "level completion achievements" I still have left, I'd say I'm about half way through and am having a blast with this game.


Ground combat feels familiar(ie Gears of War) and the flying portion is fun and intense. Plus the levels vary in design allowing you to sometimes mix up your combat no matter what kind of enemies you're facing. For giggles and shits I flew through the legs of a giant enemy called "the archon"(i think) remembering the classic shot of skywalker flying through the imperial walkers legs, and sure enough an achievement popped up "i forgot my tow cable."


I will say the enemies are suspiciously familiar to those in Mass Effect, but are as challenging as they are fun to demolish.


So far the story is slightly better than mediocre but has a level of mystery I'm dying to get into. Hope to have it finished before Mass Effect 2 comes out.

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Tonight after work I plan on finishing the last two levels. I will say the game was fun, challenging, but nothing special.

Although I'm not 100 percent finished, something tells me this game is going to shoot for a sequel because I definately feel a cliff hanger coming. I don't know why. Like I said in the previous post, the story is mediocre and yet there's so much which can be explored and used in this universe. I'm hoping this title was a way to simply introduce the world and entertain us enough to want more, which I def do.

Of course I could be wrong and the game' designers suck dick at telling a story. Though I doubt it. I'll post my verdict after I beat it tonight. Anyone else even playing it?
So... avoid Dark Void lol. Yeah it's a shit ton of fun, the story kinda pulls you in but... you... you ever been assigned any kind of writing assignment in school where at first you really had something, then at your last leg you just said "fuck it" and wanted to finish to watch Rockos Modern Life, so you threw in some dog shit ending??? Me neither.

That's what it feels like though. Half way through where you expect this awesome(epic worthy) game to really pick up speed... it stops dead. It also, gets irritatingly repetitive, uneventfully kills main characters, introduces a big fuck creature that has nothing to do with the god damned story, and ends with an out of the blue mediocre boss fight a mario game would wipe it's ass with. Not to mention one of the more confusing unsatisfying endings I've ever come across.

If interested at all(doubtful given the upcoming releases) I suggest you rent first like I did(thank Zodd)


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