Yep, you read that right... A PlayStation 3, plus 3 games, and a Bible!

Offered somewhere in Poland, and obviously not an Sony endorsed deal; a PS3 including Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo Prologue, Ridge Racer 7 and a Bible.

Pismo Swiete Stary/Nowy Testament translates to "Sacred Scripture Old / New Testament." And while The Bible would make for one hell of a brutal video game, it appears that PS3 owners will need to settle for the written version in this latest bundle.

Nod to Gizmodo.

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Those games are all racing games! Hmm, does that mean that people who play racing games are in more need of a bible?
Can't do this in the U.S. because it'd raise the ESRB rating to Psychopaths Only

WOW! Can you imagine if they had to slap an ESRB rating on the Bible? LOL!
HAHA nice find!
God Mode would be soo awesome.


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