This is the only game I am looking forward to playing! :] (also perhaps im looking to pick up ninja gaiden sigma 2 for ps3) I don't think you can play this game if its not on PC (to get the full effect!)

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Looks like a bad ass game, but I don't think I can do fps games anymore. I'm what you may call a "passionate" gamer, and I guarantee something will be broken at some point playing this. Haha
Bad Company 2 will put MW2 to shame. I'm not claiming popularity, but I remember how excited I was when the first game came out the June after COD4 and how I never put that game in for a match again. I've "converted" so many COD players to this game. Especially if they begin with... "i like to snipe" then this game is your paradise.

People don't understand how awesome of a game Bad Company is. I'll admit, the gaming types aren't varied at all but I hope BC2 changes that.

Friends often ask why I prefer BC over MW, and I reply every time with... "You know you're playing a great game when two tanks roll past you on a dirt road. One hits a land mine while the other launches a round in the 2nd story of a building killing a sniper. A few random bullets fly past. A terribly thrown grenade kicks up dirt and chops down a few trees. As you run toward your objective you see a helicopter spinning and eventually crashes 10 feet in front of you... and it's all real time.
Well said :]
Looking forward to this game... as long as they don't pull the same bullshit that MW2 did and cap PC multiplayer matches at 18 players.
Am hoping you guys played or have been playing the demo(?)
I'll try to get on it this weekend :P
Played the demo a bit today. The game itself seems pretty solid, though I am not really a fan of the feel of the character model.
I am going to need to get a new desktop...


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