I'm actually having fun with this one but I'd rather play with a co-wopper than the AI despite it's lack of flaws.

It's got a pretty cool moral system as well. Like Infamous, the game will stop briefly and ask you to make a moral choice. Instead of making a decision and having your moral gage go up or down a comic book style cut scene will ensue and show you a quick future to your actions.

example, I'm currently navigating a zoo or park in Shanghai with a crazed employee helping and communicating through the comm system. When you come to a cage with a white tiger and a half eaten enemy. The guy tells you to shoot it because of how dangerous it now is, having tasted human blood. This didn't affect my progression through the level what so ever so I let it live. The following scene showed how it would escape moments later, find it's way to the city streets, hop in a parked car, then eat the cars owner once he returned to it. The devoured individual was also robbing a store at gun point. It was cool to see a choice I made develop like that.

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Interesting. I played a bit of the first one, but found the controls a bit clunky and ended up trading it in.
I know what you mean, I beat the first one in a single sitting with a friend and found the controls very frustrating at times. I can say they've improved drastically. They do take gettin use to, but once you have them down they're a lot of fun.

This is the kinda game to play with someone else, but if you're like me and you go with the AI counter part, how you control and influence it has also improved slightly.

Another cool feature, there are these little challenge areas where you enter a room and the enemy has their guns drawn, the option to "mock" them pops up and you give them the impression that you're surrendering. Once you're down on your knees, they will drop their guard slightly, one or two will approach to apprehend you and at any moment you press A or X(for PS3 bubbas) you will shoot up from your knees, pull your pistol and have a limited time in slow mo to kill em all. I just completed one with 6 enemys and managed to kill them all before they got off a single shot. Considering I didn't do so good the last time with only 3, I felt like a badass.


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