MAG (Massive Action Game) is a massively multiplayer online action game featuring 256 player battles.

Coming out January 26th this PS3 exclusive will probably be a must own. Battles can become as large as 128vs128 players in which each side has a commander, platoons, and squads pushing objectives for a unified victory. There are going to be 3 factions to choose from varying from a poorly funded but strong willed mercenary company to a highly trained ex-U.S. military, or a highly funded company that has all the toys.

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Doesn't look like anyone has posted anything about the beta which was just released. While the games I entered were short and to be honest very pointless, I have seen videos of the "MASSIVE" battles which can ensue. Idk if I'll pick this one up or not. Frankly I'm saving my cash for Bioshock 2.
Played the game a couple of times in the beta, I got to say I am really disappointed with the game. Feels like the game was made back before CoD even came out and is therefore not worth picking up.
I don't own a PS3 yet, but played this beta at a friend's house. I love huge scale battles and was hoping this game would recapture the feeling of the old Battlefield 1943 days but it didn't even come close. Everything about the game felt somewhat sloppy and overwhelmingly mediocre.
I wont buy this game, but I would like for it to be rentable and right now it's not. I'm hoping it's release will generate better games with more and more people.

Probably bringing up what I call the "Heat Topic" but any else notice how a lot of PS3 exclusives fall short? Not every single one necessarily and I'm not saying all of 360's exclusives are hits but there are certainly more enjoyable ones.

Killzone - orgasmic on the eyes and challenging gameplay but I could have given two shits about what was going on in the story because I had no reason to and multiplayer was fun but just dissatisfying. Idk, I just think a game that looks a plays so good so have a note worthy plot to go along with it.

the Resistance games - ok ok ok resistance 2 had a multiplayer that was as fun as it was challenging but all in all the game felt as if it were a sports car missing a tire. I mean c'mon, for this late in the game you'd expect a PS3 exclusive to look like one and not a PS2 exclusive... scratch that, PS2 was too awesome to be degrading it in such a way... my apologies to the sony gods.

Haze - this was the first game where I wanted to take the disc, break it in half, and use the make shift shards as suicidal tools. Funny thing about this game incase anyone forgot, it was actually pushed back a whole 6 months for polish... Polish!!!

Heavenly Sword - I've waited in drive thru lines that were longer than this game.

Warhawk - I'll admit, for being one of the consoles first, it was pretty good. But I cannot forgive it's lack of story considering I put so much sweat and blood into the first one(dating back to PS1) not to mention it's lack of Warhawks in genral. Why run around on the ground looking like one of the earlier madden models when you can fly?

I wont even touch dynasty warriors gundam... I'm not that heartless.
Sadly I would have to agree, the vast majority of games that have been coming out recently have caused me great pain. Really when it comes down to it I feel like all video games in general are failing on a certain level. Back on the PS1 I was buying at least 2 games every month and had a blast with all of them, none of them really left me feeling like I've been ripped off. With some games taking millions to make these days you would think that all the products would be amazing. Instead we get terrible games with amazing graphics and I find myself playing some of my old PS2 games and the download-able games through the PSN before I even consider looking at anything new.
PS2 seems to be the only thing PS3 has going for it. every time i want to give up on the giant monolith i think of how much fun i had with my PS2 and how surely 3 will soon follow. I know for a fact God of War 3 will rock, Heavy Rain looks promising, again in the end all we gamers can do is hope.
It's even the same for the 360 exclusives, there is just nothing coming out that looks good enough to buy these days for any console.
Yeah but it seems 360 has a bit more success with their exclusives, not saying PS3 doesn't (Infamous, Little Big Planet, MGS4) but if I had to go with a console souly based on it's exclusives it'd be 360.

Call of Duty 2(badass launch title compared to resistance)

Dead Rising(yeah it came out on the wii later on)


Gears of War



Mass Effect

Condemned: Criminal Origins
Honestly not even any of those games have any appeal these days. Halo is a tired series after Halo 2 came out, Call of Duty 2 is just another WWII fps, Gears of War is a 3rd person shooter which is a genre that never really took off, and L4D is on the PC as well and even then isn't really that good. However I have heard nothing but good things about Mass Effect, and never even heard of Condemned. What the 360 has game wise at the moment is probably better than the PS3, but the lack of blue ray really places limits on it that are just non existent for the PS3. Looking at games such at Uncharted 2 (a game I haven't touched) you can really see what the Playstation is capable of when it's not even possible for the 360 to play it at all.
Yeah almost everyone of those games is also on PC but still not on PS3(thus the point) and while I will agree about Halo (how the first one was just outstanding while the sequels turned into multiplayers) the rest really shouldn't be brushed to the side. Yes COD2 was just another FPS in WW2 but it was one of the 360's launch titles and for a launch title, looked pretty fuckin good.
While I think the Gears of War franchise has drifted, the first one had a style and attitude in both story and gameplay, I will not soon forget. Come on, chainsaw on a machine gun and curb stomping...
As simple as a game L4D appears to be, the fact that you can play 1000 games on the same level and not one be the same while the computer is constantly throwing shit at you in accordance with your stats is astounding.
And plz go rent or buy(for 7 bucks) Condemned. It too was a launch title for the 360, and if you get into games like I do, play it late at night by yourself and tell me you don't get scared.

Is it weird when the first spark of happiness from your day comes from debating about video games??? lol
I don't know, I'm kind of a pansy when it comes to scary games.


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