MAG (Massive Action Game) is a massively multiplayer online action game featuring 256 player battles.

Coming out January 26th this PS3 exclusive will probably be a must own. Battles can become as large as 128vs128 players in which each side has a commander, platoons, and squads pushing objectives for a unified victory. There are going to be 3 factions to choose from varying from a poorly funded but strong willed mercenary company to a highly trained ex-U.S. military, or a highly funded company that has all the toys.

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LOL me too why it's fun!!! Please tell me you at least have Dead Space?!?!?! It's on PS3 and man it's such an experience. People can take it as a simple Resident Evil in space but it's much more than that. It's got a lot of religious under tones as well. Infact one of my favorite atheist quotes comes from that game.

I'll probly send you a FR on PS3 Matt, I'm gonna look and see if you posted it, if not send me one if you want, JACKSON_POSTAL. I currently have no games for it, but Heavy Rain and GOW3 wil change that very soon.
oh and let me know if you decide to try out Uncharted 2. I rented it for a day and took it back but doesn't mean I didn't like it, just couldn't give it the attention it deserved. We'll hook up and rule some multiplayer if that sounds cool?
Well Jackson I tried the Demo that I downloaded through the PSN and I have to say, it just felt too much like resident evil for me. I like zombie games and all that when they are FPS/arcade style, not too much of a fan of the third person terror/thriller games.

You mentioned the game heavy Rain, that's the only game that I am looking forward too at the moment, looks very promising with its insanely deep and and interactive story. I'll rent Uncharted 2 sooner or later, I feel guilty for not playing the years best game haha.
Demo does the game NO JUSTICE!!! at least rent if you can. I can't say anything in reguards to controls but the game as a whole is simply awesome.

Not lookin forward to God of War 3???
The whole hack and slash genre just hasn't ever been my thing, though I enjoyed the Bayonetta demo very much. My main turn off to GoW in the first place were the weapons, chain swords just irritate the piss out of me.
I get what you're saying about the hack n slash games. I've only been turned on to the really good ones, and God of War was one of em. I use to be a big time dynasty warriors guy, but this was when I had too much time on my hands(high school) and no xbox live. I eventually grew to see that game as "mowing the lawn."

I'm intrigued, why did the "chain swords" irritate you? Too unbelievable of a weapon?
Here you have this bad ass warrior who is fighting all these mythical beings and other warriors. His skills are unmatched, his strength is incredible, and he lives in an era where they would be using predominately swords, shields, and spears. However, this pansy decides that all he needs to do is spin around and kill everything before they even come close. In games like Heavenly Sword I enjoy the chain sword weapons, however for GoW I think it's incredibly lame to use chain swords as the main weapon. If they were earned equipment later on in the game like Devil May Cry did with its weapons I wouldn't have had a problem.
I liked the big sword that cut people in half in the first GoW. It was way better than the blades of chaos. I can't remember if it was in the second game though. Also, play Uncharted 2. It has a pretty good story for a video game, beautiful graphics, pretty good controls, and there are numerous parts in the game that are just ridiculously awesome. There are a lot of segments of the game that are just as high on the awesome-ness chart as the sniper level in CoD: Modern Warfare.
Holy shit, I never thought of it that way. I also never thought someone would have a lagit argument for why the blades of chaos/chains of olympus was an irritating weapon lol. Good on ya Matt.

And yes, Aric, the Blade of Artemis(sadly I did not google this, I played GoW waaaay too many times) was a bad ass weapon. I loved nothing more than seeing Kratos hack and slash with gory style. I only recently played GoW2 yet I can't remember if it was on there or not. I do remember a spear of some kind.

I got the GoW3 demo from my District 9 blu-ray and I must say this one might topple the 1st(not just in graphics)


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