Has "X" number of years of coding affected your beliefs? Were you a theist before you became a programmer. For myself, I think my years using logic and abstract thinking made me think more critically about the existence of God. Before programming, I may have had thoughts about the inconsistencies of the Bible, I was willing to take those in stride and leave those doubts in the hands of faith. After programming for a while, taking anything on faith usually came back to bite me. I was more aware of what I was hearing when presented with magical thinking. Your thoughts?

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I was an atheist way before I took up programming seriously. Though it didn't contribute to me becoming an atheist, as I was already one, it made me more observant. Like I would catch all the BS in movies. Though it is a bit of a curse as I can't enjoy or even watch most bollywood movies anymore as they are filled with so much BS & everyone thinks I'm weird because of that.


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