Hey guys & gals! Think Atheist is going to have some fun and is showcasing its 1st contest on who can make the best atheist cake! NO actual cake required :) (Which means if you can't bake do not worry!) But Bonus points will be awarded for a real cake!

For example you could make the cake out of anything you can think of such as a pile bibles with a unique twist on it. You decide! It has to say "Think Atheist" some place on the cake. Do not let this sway you away from making a real cake!

Style/Creativity/unique will get the most points :)

It can also be a digital cake. (Which means Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, MS Paint, or Video, etc) Anything goes! Upload a video or picture of your work will be accepted.

It must look like a cake :P

You cant just grab any IMG off the net and make it your own :P Think Atheist will know :D (okay well you can but c'on you want to win a prize right?!)

REMEMBER! Be creative! Think in and outside of the box! (Which means think of what normal people do and do the opposite of that!)(or not)

All submissions must be submitted to this Group as a forum post under the discussions with the TITLE of your work in the subject line. (Click here to submit your piece) Then a brief description on how you came about your work or what ever you feel will make it just a little better to stand out from other submissions.

You have until Feb 2nd 2009 12:00am to submit your cake. So a month from today.

You will have to submit your full street address to me if you are the winner.

YOU MAY ONLY SUBMIT ONE SUBMISSION but you can change it up as much as you want until the final date 2/2/2009

PRIZE section

The winner will win one of these fabulous prizes!

Any T-SHIRT out of the two T|A Clothing stores. Which you may browse here.

Think Atheist Clothing Store A


Think Atheist Clothing Store B


You may pick anything out of the T|A Amazon Store

Morgan will be the judge of this event but you will be able to comment on other submissions which may sway my vote. (In a sense the most comments on your submission may win you the contest.))

Also You may Send Messages to whole Group to gain a bit more exposure of your cake! Abusing this privilege will disqualify you!


1. Your Making a Cake - Real or Fake

2. Creativity will win the most points

3. The cake must display a visible display of "Think Atheist" or "ThinkAtheist.com" just be creative with it!

4. You have a Month to create this cake! 2/2/2009 is the due date and the winner will be decided shortly after the 2nd.

5. Let me know if you have any questions

6. Remember! Have FUN!

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Can someone explain the way to submit an entry for the contest? How do we "submit to this Event as a forum post"?
Sorry Phil click this link to submit a entry. Ill make that a bit more clear sorry.


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