Hi, I'm a photographer speciliasing in pet portraits.Well, I normally am, right now I'm on hiatus due to illness, but I'm hoping to get back to work soon.  Any other photographers out there? My web site is http://pawprints.humblehouse.co.uk. Please add you site to this thread or examples of your work so we can share!


Cheers, Kat

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I could trade a bit of thrill for benefits and a steady income ;). I suppose it's one of those grass is greener type things. Mind you, I loved what I did, even though it didn't pay much, had no benefits and was erratic at best.

So how did you get into product photography then?I love hearing how people ended up where they are.

Thanks for the compliment. It's easy to take nice photos when you have such nice subjects. :)



Totally. I just got my Nikon D3000 back from my sister. Sadly, she lost the SD card that had all my pictures. After class tomorrow, I'm totally going get another one to start taking pictures again. I usually take nature shots, but I love the soft background effect. I find that it works really well with portraits, so I'll start focusing on those now. I can't wait to share my stuff with you guys :)


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