Hi, everyone! I've just completed two new designs for my Zazzle store showcasing just what I think of our Republican party. I'd love feedback and any help letting others know who might like a new tshirt, mug, tote bag, or other cool item with the design. I'm still posting one of the designs on other products, so they're not all up in the store yet, but they will be soon. I have another idea I'm creating, too, and will add that one soon...sometime tonight.This next design is only on one tshirt right now, but I'll be adding it to other products soon:


My next design, IMHO, is really going to be cool, so I can't wait to share it with all of you. This is just how I feel, so I don't expect everyone to agree. It's just another extention of who I am =0) My store is here:


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