“Then you are to say to them: This is what the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: Drink, get drunk, and vomit. Fall down and never get up again, as a result of the sword I am sending among you." -Jeremiah 25:27

This is the GREAT thing about quoting the Bible at random, which is something Christians do all the time. Look at the quote above. "Drink, get drunk, and vomit." Not the kind of thing you're gonna see on a church marquee any time soon, is it?  I can already hear in my head the Christian reaction to this kind of random quoting: "You can't just pull verses out of the Bible without considering the context." And you know what? That's absolutely true. HOWEVER, how many times in my life have I heard a Christian quote Jeremiah 29:11 (just a few chapters after my drinking quote above): "For I know the plans I have for you..."  And you know when I always hear that verse quoted?  When someone is trying to get themselves into a positive frame of mind about a new job or other life change, or when things aren't working out for someone.  That's when a friendly Christian sweeps in and says, "Hey, don't worry! God knows the plans he has for you." COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT.  That statement isn't addressed to an individual, any more than my quote about drinking and vomiting.  It's all about a nation being restored to its supposed former glory.  But Christians are more than happy to apply it, out of context, to whatever personal situation they're dealing with.

My point is this: there's really no way to have rational discourse when it comes to debating scripture with a Christian.  If you quote out of context, they'll call you on it; if you quote in context, they'll tell you that it can be applied to a contemporary situation with a different meaning.  For example, try telling a Christian that eating shellfish is just as wrong as homosexuality, according to the Bible.  Almost all of them will come back with some horseshit about the Old Testament Law being perfected in Christ, and so dietary laws don't apply, but laws about whom you can have sex with still do.  That shit's all out of context too, but your average Christian doesn't care.  Context only matters when they need to bolster their position.

Meanwhile, atheists (quite rightly) look at the Bible and say, "Why should I be interested in any of it?  It's all from a 2000-year-old book."  Problem is, there are all kinds of legislators right here in modern day America who base all of their decisions on that old book, and they believe wholeheartedly that it comes direct from God.  So it pays to be interested in it, but not to believe it...

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"when it comes to debating scripture with a Christian."  - if I were you, I wouldn't try.  There's a mismatch between science and religion.  They are two different entities. 


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