I just love it when a Christian (seldom a Jew...they often seem a little more sensible) says: "It says right on the first page of the Bible, 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' So that pretty much settles it, doesn't it?"  Translation: "Suck it, atheists!"    Okay, maybe they don't say it that succinctly; they may rattle on about "intelligent design" or even "theistic evolution."  But the upshot is usually roughly the same.

I've seen several polls recently that indicate an alarming number of Americans still believe the Genesis creation myth(s) literally.  Here we are, in the 21st century, with all these scientific marvels at our fingertips: modern medicine, smartphones, Netflix...and a sizable portion of the American public believes that a guy in the sky snapped his fingers some 6,000 years ago and POOF! There it was.

As much as I really like and admire my stepfather-in-law, he almost constantly feels the need to point out what he sees as the flaws of naturalistic evolution.  In his mind, there is a great conspiracy among liberals to wipe out belief in the God who created everything, so they can...I dunno, prove global warming and destroy the oil companies.  I try to ignore it for the sake of family peace, but it's difficult.  I just want to shout, "You know why the zookeepers say there are the same number of bones in giraffe necks and human necks? Because it's true! DARWIN WAS RIGHT!"  But I never do...

Meanwhile, reading the Bible destroyed my Christian faith.  Yup, that's right, that very beginning that creationists love to quote as absolute proof that God (the dad of their Lord Jesus Christ) created it all...THAT is the first crack in what I used to think was my strong foundation of faith.  "In the beginning..." In the beginning, I began to think for myself, that's what.

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