Do you think it's possible to achieve a world where everyone is an atheist?

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There's always Elmer's.

I suppose so, if you're into that sort of thing - tell Elmer I said, "Hi!"

I don't believe its possible.  Its innate in some people to believe there is a higher power or supreme being guiding, constructing, destroying, punishing, saving, healing, and generally getting in the way of people.  Its the way some people are.  They need their hand held and shown what to do, how to live.  Its truly sad and pathetic they can't think clearly and rationally.  Its quite delusional actually.

VioLENTpreechr -

"Its the way some people are. They need their hand held and shown what to do, how to live."

I agree, this is interesting. In fact, we all do, let's face it. We all need advice and guidance.

I believe what is needed are simple, clear, powerful principles, expressed in clear memorable phrases which people can easily pull out and use in the heat of the moment. Jesus was a genius at this kind of thing, however, in his wish to make people work a little bit in order to understand his message, the message got lost sometimes. He should have just been more plain and upfront. The parables remain very useable however.
alicia - it's perfectly possible to have Christian soldiers who behave this way, the two things are perfectly compatible. In fact I like this kind of robust Christianity practiced by people who have their heads screwed on straight, it is invigorating and has a lot to teach the rest of us. I find that these people know how to identify and use the good bits from the Bible and other religious resources.
I've always thought that reincarnation was invented in order to account for personal suffering which is not our fault. I like Buddhism in essence, but it annoys me that Buddhists (Western ones, anyway) always feel a need to give nice neat explanations for everything. What with "seven this" and "twelve that" and hundreds of weird Sanskrit names, I think "please just take up World of Warcraft and be done with it". Does anyone else find Western Buddhists intensely annoying? I just want to punch Leonard Cohen in his stupid smug face. "I'm a Buddhist monk." Good for you. It's all just to get chicks. What if I shot your dog? Let's see you be all Buddhist about that.
"a completely secular public arena in the world's superpowers"

I like that too. A secular religion. The one can inform the other.
"However, this, our movement must happen-focus-on the most volatile factions of society first. Government, the seat of control. After that, it's a measure taken in it's own time with each. Only then, time will not be a cataclysmic freefall to a fictional throne. Time will remain for that inner struggle to unfold within each. As it should."

Alicia - please could you expand?

Religion is partly spun off of the infantile concept of imminent justice. It begins with psychological dependency that affects children to varying degrees. Unless there is a competent adult around who can recognize the situation, a child may intensify the belief rather than have it degenerate.

For those who don't understand the term, "imminent justice" is essentially the idea that things exist for a purpose (that's a very simplified summary) and that their actions "supposed" to be consistent with this purpose - if a entity doesn't fulfill this "purpose" it's deserving of punishment. The opposite idea is that things can simply exist independent of any design or purpose and their behavior is simply the natural consequence of what they are and does not create any specific justifications. When you hear people ask "What is the meaning of life?" or "What is my purpose?" they are reflecting this belief. It's an attempt to explain things in terms of underlying intelligence. 

So, until a "cure" is found for this common infantile belief, religion is likely to still be with us for a long time. Just a note, I did not develop the belief in infancy so I was spared the hardships that come with it but it took me a long time to grasp other peoples frame of reference as a consequence.


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