The Atheist Census website has been targeted in a DDOS attack and is currently offline.  We don't know who is behind it.  This is a sign of the project's success but apparently some people don't want atheists to be successful.  More information to come.

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I think there also may be a problem with

The technical team behind the project confirmed it was a DoS attack.  We had processes in place to manage the influx, including the temporary suspension of submissions when the email queue grew too large.  We are working to get the site back online as soon as we can.

I don’t know what email type you have but if you disable relay on the exchange server and send only from its own or specific IP addresses it might help. You could get your MX and A-records changed with you ISP – messy but could work quickly enough. Maybe first change your admin a/c passwords and the same on your firewalls. If you want to post any tech info on it I can take a look at it.

if you think you may be able to help Reg The Fronkey Farmer, please contact

I'm completely lost on this info would you please contact  if you can help

My site is routed through - I was a charter member, and they've taken good care of me for years (plus I got a free T-shirt!)


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