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First, I rolled my eyes. But... fine, let them come. Maybe we'll talk some sense into them. I think they're going to be sorely disappointed when they win no one over. I think anyone showing up at this event is far, far past vulnerability to their conversion tactics.

I agree 100% Cara

Yeah, I kinda rolled my eyes too. Mainly because they don't realize who they're dealing with. Those of us who deconverted from christianity can probably argue circles around them with their own bibles. They think we're just a bunch of ignorant atheists that don't know anything about god, jesus or the bible. They couldn't be more wrong. 

Yeah, I think what annoys me the most is they approach us as if we've never heard the name "Jesus" before and have never been told how much he looooves us. My own mother now approaches the subject as if I've never seen or read the Bible. She's the one who indoctrinated me with this crap... the one with whom, at one point, I had a great "spiritual" relationship. I was 24 before I had an inkling something was amiss. Gimme some credit! ha


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