I am interested if eating (or drinking !?) raw eggs is better than cooking them or not. Are some proteins lost while cooking them? What about salmonella? Can raw eggs have that? I have searched for this, but I found mixed opinions and I don't have a source that I can trust. Does anyone know for sure?

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I don't know. Truth be told, I would doubt it, but I, like you, upon searching, have found lots of contradictory stuff, but nothing concrete.





Admittedly, I'm a bit of a raw-food fan. Sushi, cookie dough, brownie batter, pancake batter, biscuit dough... I've even had tar tar (raw beef [treated, obviously, to kill most to all of the germs]... and while I admittedly did like it, I feel safer eating cooked meat) a few times.  And yes, I've eaten raw eggs.  I've been eating raw foods for as long as I can remember (though I eat cooked food way more often... and I do mean <i>way</i> more often... with the possible exception of sushi, which is my favorite food) and I have never once gotten sick.

I am not sure but I am told raw egg is better in food value but carry virus...may be confirmed from other sources...

In medieval times glue was made from raw eggs and I've heard that we can't digest raw eggs (not completely) and that this indigestible residue sticks to the digestive tract and this probably isn't good. So I'm just saying this from my experince because I see that google doesn't help.

But you can also use Occam's razor, everybody cooks eggs why eat them raw?

p.s. I don't know if this is true, but, apparently, opera singers eat raw eggs for their voices, but this sounds like superstition or something I saw in a cartoon.

I've seen a lot of characters portraying athletes in movies eating/drinking raw eggs.


I don't care what the majority does, I just want to know what is really true about raw eggs.


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