Hi everyone ,

I joined this group yesterday , I would say that it was great to start a group like this one !!

I don't know why nobody hasn't  posted any discussions yet !! come on guys you have an awful lot going on in the arab world !!

  back to my title , I am really looking for any books about atheism written by arab writers ... I am reading Nabel Fayad's works ( thank you again Hope for providing the link for us) .

 If anyone among you guys  has any links to those books , then please post them and I am sure that discussing them  will revive this group .

  thank you all




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I've never read anything by Arab atheists. Can you please send me the link for Nabel Fayad's works.



hi ; right I now I have a great book for you by Taha hussein , fi chi3r jahili, I hope you haven't read it yet ! as for nail fayad I am afraid I cannot find the direct link !! and it is somewhere in my hard disc I just cannot locate it !!  the moment I find it I will send ot to you !! enjoy



Nowadays, this book is only interesting for historical reasons.  Most of his arguments are obsolete and his thesis is not accepted in the academic community except in a very limited sense (i.e. the sense that had been known and accepted for 1200 years anyway).

Books about atheism by Arab writers hmmmm ...

My favorite is Abu'l Alaa Al-Ma'arri (not clear that he was an atheist, but definitely an irreligious free thinker).

Modern Arab authors who are openly atheist like Nabil Fayyad are too juvenile in tone for my taste, but I guess it's good to have "hawks" like him on your side to make some people face reality and accept the fact that not everybody is a believing Muslim. I've heard good things about Sadiq El-Azm but have never read his work myself.


There are many great secularist authors all over the Arab world, with high quality works on a variety of subjects from science and medicine to literature and anthropology.  They are obviously irreligious but never say so explicitly.  I won't mention living authors but among the deceased ones I like Ali Al-Wardi and Jawad Ali from Iraq and, obviously,Taha Hussein from Egypt (though much of his work is obsolete now, especially on Pre-Islamic poetry).  They did not write directly about atheism (as far as I know); they just wrote about history, religion and language from a secular point of view, which is something sorely lacking in the Arab world.


There's also Sadiq Al-Nayhoom from Libya.  Never disavowed Islam openly (though he obviously was a free thinker), but tried to convince Muslims that Islam allowed for the separation of Shari'a and state.  I think the Arab world needs people to take up this project more than anything else.  It's okay to be a Muslim, but let the state be free of Shari'a.


Most of these authors are available online.

Here is the linke for Nabil Fayad's Books https://www.google.com.eg/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&... 



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